I don’t even know how to begin this but basically during my six-day vacation in Tacoma, WA, my close friend Marygian (who I was staying with in their lovely home along with her husband Jeff) had spontaneously invited me as their +1 to her coworker’s wedding. All I remember her asking me was if I had something formally to wear - and thankfully I did! Ha, after visiting the PNW for the third time there were many things I learned, which was to pack smart, light and bring variety of clothing.

Fast forward to about two days later on a Saturday, I had managed to turn my vacation around as I was able to meet up with new local creatives to collaborate (I will definitely be writing about this on a separate post). It was a fairly light yet productive day for me as I met up with two Seattle local creatives, Tawny and Olivia at Wapato Park after finishing a special project that was premiered two weeks ago in a local gallery in the city. After that sweet yet brief collab’ shoot, MG & Jeff had picked me up to head to Hoodsport, WA (which was about an hour away from Tacoma). As I was heading there with excitement and optimism, I also had no idea the plot twist that was sure to happen when we arrived there.

The whole time we were traveling there around 6pm, I couldn’t help but be absolutely taken away from the beautiful nature of the PNW. A part of me truly wished that I could make this my home, somehow, someway. Also one of my favorite things about the PNW was this “yellow weed” that was always present alongside the freeways. According to my research, this “beautiful weed” is called a “Scotch Broom”. The last three years I’ve been there, I’ve been in absolute awe of how beautiful this flower is. I was very very close to making my wish come true of being photographed in a huge massive wave of it. Sadly, it didn’t happen because my trip was not long enough. T_T

Thankfully we left half an hour earlier than originally planed because the drive ended up being a total of 1.5 hours when we arrived there. So here is when the plot twist slowly reveals itself - I decided to bring both of my cameras because I had wanted to do more photo-blogging for this but… little did I know that I would eventually become this soon-to-be-newlyweds (who I’ve never met until that moment) official wedding photographer. That was when it hit me - all of my preparations have been made for me to meet this opportunity for me to jump as a last minute wedding photographer.

***Let me just give a brief background/context about my experience photographing weddings. My first wedding was in 2016 when I photographed my close friend Christine’s wedding with Nathan. Back then, I have literally never done a wedding before let alone a Mormon wedding (which is slightly different than a traditional wedding). Ever since then because of that opportunity I have been able to photograph/work about 5 weddings.)***

So when that moment came, I “literally” had no choice to do because here I am dressed slightly fashionably with two DSLR’s on me - talk about being a perfect way to scream “I WILL BE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!” and MG “literally” pushing me out there to put myself out there with this. (I totally love this girl, but sometimes she makes me question her sanity, LOL <3) Although quite rusty, photographing along with my sidekick MG. We conquered this wedding, it  really did feel like our old days of collaboration in dance. It was great to know that even as we move forward in our lives in different directions, that we will always come back to our roots - our love for the arts.


It was definitely an interesting to meet someone new as their photographer on their wedding. It required me to really dig deep and use everything that I know to successfully capture their love on camera as a unfamiliar face. As much of a potato I was, there was something about holding two cameras that gave me the confidence to be myself in a complete new territory. OOOH, let me not forget how beautiful and breathtaking the location was. The ceremony was set outside in a backyard where all of the trees and lake was its beautiful backdrop. There was nothing more amazing than getting married in a forest in the PNW.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for going along with my story time, LOL. And that you’ve made to the end of the story. If there was anything I am taking away from this whole beautiful experience is that “with enough love to your craft and yourself, anything is totally possible.” Never in my wildest dreams did I realize that I would return to shooting a wedding let alone it be in a truly magical and dreamy location (this is +1000000 brownie points to my portfolio.) 

So, I will leave you with this pondering question, “what is that one thing you’ve always wanted to do” but never thought was possible or made time for. I challenge you to push yourself to embrace the mess of the great unknown and put yourself out there. It's not your responsibility to know what/how it's going to play out by potentially creating scenarious aka "stories" in your head - you just have to let it play, get the experience and ultimately learn from it.