This topic has always been very sentimental and important to me. With everything that is currently happening in the world let alone within our bubble, it is so easy to lose sight of what is really important. Many are easy to settle and lose the will to be alive and instead just live to exist. For a very long time, I was waking up with this sense of “motionless” where I didn’t know why I was getting up nor wanted to get out of bed. It was as if I have lost the will and the want to live. This feeling wasn’t suicidal at all, but was bordering on the feeling of hopelessness. All of a sudden, it clicked to me that I was merely only existing to live, and NOT be alive.

To be honest, this was only fairly recent that I’ve been able to snap out of it and began to “reclaim my life” back. This was all thanks to the form of yoga that I was able to truly experience and feel what it was like to step out of the darkness that I have been in for so long (i’ll be saving this part in a more detailed on a separate future post.) But it had to take several people who really believed and care for me to really push me.

This world needs YOU to be yourself, the world needs YOU to be okay with not being okay, the world needs YOU to not give up on yourself - in loving yourself, fighting for the life that you truly want and deserve for yourself. WE NEED YOU to persevere to remind others who are going through similar experiences that “it does get better” - believe me, IT REALLY DOES! You just gotta persevere and hang on for just a little bit longer to see the fruition of all of the seeds you’ve planted along the way. WE NEED YOU to continue to aspire to BE ALIVE so we can somehow get a bit closer to creating a community, a world of lovers and warriors who will eventually change this world for the better. WE REALLY NEED YOU TO NEED AND WANT TO BE ALIVE!

So if you’re feeling hopeless, please don’t think that you are ever alone in this journey. There is always that one person who will come by along your journey and make you realize that “you are truly worth this damn existence!” And if you are reading this, I take it that you’re experiencing something similar and wanting to find comfort. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message on this link and Ill always listen.

***SHAMELESS PLUG: I created an LGBT short film, called "Flight" which is greatly inspired from a very deep-rooted place of loneliness and the uttermost yearning for companionship. This was a project I am very proud of because I used this "feeling of hopelessness" to create art. Here is the video for "Flight" and I hope it inspires you to go out there and create art.